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Dan Highbrown

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Josh Perlin
The pandemic drove a lot of companies’ workforces remote. As the world headed towards a return to ‘normal’ the remote workforce became a popular mainstay. This remote or hybrid way of life created a demand for teams to adopt new ways of communicating that felt personal and connected. Video solutions fill that need.
Prior to this paradigm shift to remote workforces, Vimeo was building out support for marketing teams to have the ability to collaborate and review videos internally using our Review tool. Building off of that work we recognized a new opportunity for teams: internal communication. This new user segmentation identified a growing desire for businesses of all sizes to be able to stream town halls, provide company updates like policy changes, host onboarding, and training videos for new hires, record team meetings, and much more. Vimeo offers a single solution to all of these and hosts them in a hub called ‘Video Library.’
Vimeo Teams
The Product Marketing team initially provided a framework for this Internal Communication segmentation. Using the characterizations from that, we applied a lens to our existing feedback (sales conversations, user surveys, customer satisfaction team) to better understand the needs of the various personas and roles within that segment.

Working from these personas and the strategy being done in parallel on our Web product, we began to form a vision that considered each identifiable user journey to successfully meet their needs.
User Flows
Scaling Back
We determined a first milestone we felt comfortable inviting aligned Enterprise users to beta test. It included baseline support for necessary solutions that enabled team viewing and collaboration.

Identifying User Journeys
With an idea of what an MVP for go-to-market looks like, we then identified user journeys that needed to be seamlessly supported. This also allowed us to identify existing pain points in the periphery of any new solutions.
User Journeys
Some of the features outlined in the first milestone included: SSO, team switcher, team management, team sharing, search, Video Library IA, role permissions, live event viewing, featured video, and more.
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