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Vimeo '19

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Product Designer
Dan Highbrown

Engineering Manager
Gennadii Ivanov

Vimeo's mobile app has millions of monthly active users, with a healthy representation of Vimeo creators. Up until this project, it was utilized as a viewing app with a lightweight uploading flow. With the launch of Vimeo Live and the institutional knowledge of live workflows from Livestream, we identified a hole in our live toolset. Events can happen anytime and anywhere, and users' easiest method of going live is from their phones.
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video icon
Going live made simple. Choose to stream to Vimeo, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and any other destination simultaneously.
camera settings
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dark and light mode
video filters
I met with video production professionals to find out what filter properties were important when filming with a phone's camera. With that information, I worked with GPUImage to create an initial set.
split of live badge and mobile app marketing
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