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OTT Apps
Livestream '17
Product Designers
Dan Highbrown
Seth Rieder

Product Managers
Matthew Newberg
Ashley Chen
Livestream provided the premier white-labeled, live video embeds for organizations. We noticed a trend in the market and requests from our users for white-labeled, branded apps. We worked to develop a low-overhead and automated solution to this demand. Seth Rieder designed the content management side in parallel with me designing the consumer-facing apps.
3 non-descript apps
grid of custom apps
custom app showing wireframe
We defined a flexible infrastructure to allow for easy adaption into a myriad of platforms and form factors.
3 step app request process
There is a great barrier of entry to investing in a set of custom applications. To reduce this, we created a CMS that allows users to stylize, curate, and preview apps before requesting them.
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