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Product Designer
Dan Highbrown

Product Manager
Gennadii Ivanov
Mevo is a palm-sized, live-streaming camera, that enables professional-level production from your phone. It's privileged to have a devoted following that discusses and supports the product in a dedicated Facebook group. A common topic of discussion is users' audio setups. These usually consist of some combination of extra hardware including an audio mixer and external microphones. This all stems from the desire to provide the highest quality audio from a livestream's participants.
It's a given that the camera and it's internal microphone are positioned away from the people speaking in the video. This causes plenty of opportunities and examples of bad audio. Early explorations to address this problem involved requiring users to buy an extra hardware accessory. Ultimately, It occurred to us that the solution was to use a device that everyone already has; their phones.
We added an audio mixer to the main Mevo application that allowed the user to control input from a range of external audio sources including the new Mevo Mic App.
audio mixer
mevo mic accessory app
The Mevo Mic App was created to be a passive experience. Once connected, lock the app and put it out of frame.
mevo app icons
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