Core App
Vimeo '20

Product Designer
Dan Highbrown

Engineering Manager
Sofiane Oubraham
Vimeo's mobile app was built to give user's a place to watch the best videos Vimeo has to offer. It was an app built for the viewer. Over time, as Vimeo's business strategy shifted toward building tools that help video creators' workflows, features were tacked onto this existing viewer app. This resulted in a disjointed app with choppy workflows and no intuitive home for most of these new features.
Early in 2020, I took an opportunity to transition out of the live video space I had been in for years and become the sole dedicated designer on Vimeo's mobile apps. We're deep in an extensive reworking of the apps that focuses on video management and collaboration. A case study detailing this will be available soon. Stay tuned.
Vimeo Mobile App